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Mounting instructions Flatee

Product and application information

  • Clean the adhesive surface on the car and the back of the control plate free of grease and silicone. (Best used with ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, methylated spirits or thinner) Common household cleaners marked “against grease” are not suitable.
  • New or almost new control plates should be roughened on the back with fine sandpaper – this prepares the aluminum coating perfectly and guarantees the best hold.
  • Before attaching the flatee, be sure to rub it well dry with a dry cloth. No streaks should be left behind.
  • Attach flatee and press down well.
  • At temperatures below 20°C, all surfaces to be coated should be warmed to lukewarm using a conventional hair dryer. (When using a hot air dryer, maintain sufficient distance, otherwise Flatee may be destroyed).

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