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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Basically, Flatee fits everywhere where you can position the control plates in terms of surface area. There are a few exceptions where flatee or a control plate does not fit in terms of area. Some front bumpers are designed in such a way that they require a holder for licence plates. For car enthusiasts and design freaks, it is worth making a carrier plate from metal or plastic. Flatee can then be attached to this.

Flatee holds “almost” bombproof when properly mounted. To remove flatee again, it is advisable to use a hairdryer. Warm up the F Hook adhesive on the car (Caution: Do not overheat, as this could burn the car’s paintwork).
Then Flatee can be easily dissolved at the corners. With steady pulling (with possibly a lot of force), Flatee can be removed. Residues from the special adhesive can be removed with thinner. (Attention: Do not use thinners on unpainted plastics. Thinner attacks plastic. Special adhesive removers, methylated spirits or pure alcohol are possible alternatives).

Yes, Flatee also holds in the car wash. Precondition: Flatee must be mounted correctly! Cleaning agents containing alcohol (degreasing) must be used to clean the surfaces to be covered. Likewise, the number plate must be pressed on correctly so that the hook & loop grip properly.

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Yes, the specially developed adhesive is temperature, weather, UV, water, soap and car wash resistant. Flatee is tested for temperatures from -30°C to 95°C. Don’t worry – Flatee will definitely hold more than any plastic frames. (Plastic frames are usually fixed with screws, which rust quickly. Also, simple sheet metal screws that are too thin are often used, which severely affect the safety of a plastic frame).

You can enter the voucher code directly in the shopping basket when placing your order and it will be deducted directly from the total amount.

In principle, we offer various payment options online. These can change from time to time, as credit card providers often increase their fees. Therefore, we also offer payment by bank transfer, which is our favourite.

Yes, flatee is legal and set conform, but the buyer / vehicle owner is responsible for ensuring that their licence plates are correctly placed.

The legal basis for the installation of control plates can be found here:

VTS (Ordinance on Technical Requirements for Road Vehicles) VTS Link to

VRV (Traffic Regulation Ordinance) VRV Link to

It is important that the control plates are mounted in such a way that they do not pose a risk of injury. (e.g. due to protruding edges of the signs on the bumper).

If the installation poses a risk of injury, the Road Traffic Licensing Office may object.


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