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Because it is more beautiful & better

No question - Flatee not only looks good, it solves all problems.

Strongest hold

Flatee holds and holds and holds....

Flatee holds bombproof.
The Hook & Loop closure is so strong that you can even tow a car. Flatee is guaranteed to last! Holds even more than plastic frames. These break under the same load or the screws tear out.

Temperature resistant
-30°C – 95°C –

Sun, rain, snow, hail, etc.

Washing equipment, high-pressure cleaners, soap, etc.

Flatee does not become brittle like conventional plastic frames

5000x Remove and mount
Flatee’s Hook & Loop connection is top quality – the fastener can be used up to 5000 times.

Safety first

Rear view camera

Car plate illumination

Licence plate illumination

Before After

Flatee tested by TCS - Check it out

The 'no frame' look! - Compare yourself

just slide the slider back and forth to see the 'Game Changing Look'.
Before After
Before After

'No Frame' Look

Why Flatee - it's quite clear:

Anyone who enjoys a car, cares for it and looks after it, has an eye for detail. With Flatee, every car is now an eye-catcher.
Many will ask what is different about the car. But as soon as you find out, you immediately want a Flatee - the original.

It doesn't matter if you already have aging car numbers. Flatee also fits on these.