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Flatee Tattoo – Sticker Set

Flatee Tattoo Sticker Set (5 sheets à 9 tattoos)

9 cool Flatee Tattoo Stickers on a sheet to stick yourself.

You are a Flatee fan and want a cool tattoo on your arm, leg, foot, neck or wherever. The tattoo stickers are brilliant. They also help if you are not sure about getting a tattoo later and want to feel out where you like it best on your body.

Attention: The flatee tattoos look confusingly real. So before anyone thinks you’ve tattooed Flatee, you’d better solve the mystery first. So that no misunderstandings arise 😉

The tattoos last extremely long – (4-6 days). The stickers are shower and water resistant. It is therefore advisable to think carefully about where you want to stick the tattoo.


Scope of delivery:
5 Flatee Tattoo Aufkleber-Sets (150x210mm)


Attachment instructions

  1. Flatee Tattoo Sticker Cut Out
  2. Wash and dry the skin well.
  3. Place the tattoo and press it down briefly.
  4. It is best to press on with a wet washcloth for approx. 10-15 seconds.
  5. Peel off the backing film
  6. Done.


Removal guide

There are several ways to remove the tattoos again

  • Coat with highly oily body cream or skin oil. After about 30 minutes, the sticker comes off.
  • Remove with a cloth soaked in pure alcohol. Caution: This is quick, but dries out the skin. Afterwards, please apply body lotion to the skin again.
  • Removal is very quick with adhesive packaging tape. By pressing the adhesive side of the tape onto the tattoo and then peeling it off. Retrieve a few times until everything is removed.

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Additional information

Weight 0.043 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 × 0.1 cm



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